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  Blade Design:

The blade profile is streamlined similar to aircraft wings composed of aluminium alloy integral extrusion moulding that provides for a unique combination of strength and light weight. The increased strength allows the generator system to endure velocities as high as 60 m/s.

                                   blade1       blade2

  All-aspect design is employed.

The unique blade design offers excellent all-aspect wind compatibility and aerodynamic characteristics. The rotation of blades is not influenced by wind direction as the blades continue stable rotation while maintaining ultimate silence.

  Aerodynamic characteristics.

Due to the outstanding aerodynamic characteristics and lightweight design, the blades can start rotation at a wind velocity of only 1m/s whilst achieving high-speed rotation of more than 300 rpm.

  Recyclable materials are used.

The blades are made of corrosion resistant aluminum alloy and are recyclable.

                                         blade diagram      airflow

  Safety and environmental conservation are ensured.

The blades ensure safe rotation even under strong wind conditions. The blades feature high electrical conductivity and therefore, will not be damaged, broken into fragments, or burned even in the unlikely event of being struck by lightning. The blades do not endanger birds, making the generator system environmentally friendly.


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