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    Frequently asked questions - Vertical Axis Wind Turbines


  Q: What are the main technological advantages?

  A: Minimal maintenance requirements

  - Wide variety of applications possible

  - Start-up wind speed of 1m/s, generative at 1.2m/s

  - Highly suitable for small scale domestic and commercial generation

  - The VAWT can generate power regardless of wind direction

  - Supports mounting and the wind regime in built up urban environments

  - Capable of maintaining continuous operation whilst in volatile wind conditions

  - Minimal structural and noise implications of mounting wind turbines on or within a building structure

  - Optimised wind turbine design for building applications

  - Has a vastly reduced amount of moving components, therefore reducing the risk of any major component failure

  - Quick and simple installation

  - Its design its more aesthetically pleasing, creating the opportunity to earn advertising revenues

  - Its designs are safer for birds

  - Immediate reduction in CO2 emissions


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